Ordering and stocking strains

Getting started! I have ordered, received and stocked 3 strains at the DSM strain library. Unfortunately they do not have as many different options for vaginal bacteria, compared to all the isolates from the Human Microbiome Project for instances, and the strains I ordered were not all isolated from the vagina. I hope that they will display the same characteristics and can be used as a reference and to assist in setting up my methods. In the future I hope to with more vaginal isolates. I have

To grow the strains I used MRS medium (liquid and plates) for L. crispatus and NYCIII medium for G. vaginalis and L. iners. Unfortunately I do not have access to an anaerobic chamber so I have been using an anaerobic jar. After closing the jar I use 3x: pulling a vacuum (minimally 0.8 bar) and filling with N2+CO2 gas. I grew plates and tubes over the weekend (72 hours) at 37 degrees and stocked them using 0.5 mL 60% glycerol + 1 mL of culture and stored them at -80 degrees. I am not sure how much the oxygen will affect the bacteria during handling and storage, especially Gardnerella is sensitive to oxygen. I will check later if the stocks lead to good growth. I will upload protocols for the media, the stocking and the anaerobic jar soon.

First steps

Hello everyone, first post of my “open kitchen science” research initiative. I am very excited to announce that I have started working at the Free University of Amsterdam, within the Host-Microbiome group of Prof. Remco Kort at the Microbiology department. I will keep a regular update on the progress here. Currently I am still finding my way around in the labs, looking for chemicals, getting the right strains and looking what equipment is available. I will also start filling the website with background information on metabolism of vaginal microbes and the question I want to answer with my experiments.